Team Bowling Set

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Color-coordinated pins and balls for a variety of fun activities!

Get all the equipment you need to allow several teams to compete at the same time during bowling activities. Pins in Rainbow colors make it easy to set up color-coded games.

Expanding Bowling Options

Multiple colors in this set make it easy for teachers to establish different point values for each color pin, adding more learning opportunities to reinforce students' math skills. Each set includes activity instructions with a variety of twists on traditional bowling, while students continue working on their basic bowling techniques. All activities can involve large groups of students in open gym spaces.

One game involves setting up all 60 pins across the gym in random spots. Split students into teams, with one student bowling, one retrieving the ball, and one sweeping up knocked over pins. The objective is to knock down the other teams' pins. When they successfully do so, the team's pin sweeper clears off the knocked down pins while the retriever returns the ball. Students rotate positions after every throw. Once a team's pins are all knocked down, that team is out. The game continues until only one team is left.

Set includes:

  • Rainbow UltraPin Plus Weighted Pins (15"H), Set of 60
  • UltraStrike Bowling Balls (8-1/2" dia), 6 Ea
  • Pin Setup Templates, 6 Ea
  • Storage Bags, 6 Ea
  • Score Pads, 6 Ea
  • Activity Instructions