Teaching Fundamental Motor Skills Book

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Fine motor skills book focuses not only on which skills to teach, but how to teach them!

This book provides expert instruction on teaching children 8 locomotor and 17 manipulative skills. It aligns with SHAPE America National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes, while also offering a balance of sound research and fun activities.

Master Motor Skills

This book offers step-by-step instruction for teaching core locomotor skills and essential manipulative skills. Each skill is animated to aid learning, and a web resource offers multiple materials to assist in your teaching. Each skill broken down into 4-6 critical elements for step-by-step education. Cue words also help students memorize and recall elements. Partner-based skill assessments encourage teamwork and group participating. The book also includes success builders to identify problems and remedy them appropriately.

Aligns with National Standards

The content in this 312-page book is tied directly to SHAPE America's National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education. As a result, teachers have peace of mind in knowing their approach and student execution are in-line with nationally-recognized standards for motor skill development. Additional evaluative tools are also available via the SHAPE America website.



How to Use This Resource

  • Chapter 1. Building Skills for Success
  • Chapter 2. Locomotor Skills
  • Chapter 3. Underhand Rolling
  • Chapter 4. Throwing
  • Chapter 5. Catching
  • Chapter 6. Passing
  • Chapter 7. Striking
  • Chapter 8. Volleying
  • Chapter 9. Kicking and Punting
  • Chapter 10. Dribbling