Teach-nique Warm-ups Banners

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Unit:  Set of 4

Get the entire class properly warmed up in minutes with these huge warm-up posters!

Warm-up exercises are key to preventing injury and ensuring an effective activity time with students. Use these huge banners to get everyone warming up together. At 5'W x 3'H, these warm-up banners provide visual instruction, even from far away. 16 warm-up exercises ensure all key muscles groups are involved.

Concise and Visual Instruction

These large banners give students easy-to-see, step-by-step instruction during class warm-ups. Featured images display correct form and progression. This set includes 4 banners with 4 activities on each to help students properly warm up and prevent injuries during activities and sports. Banner activities include high knees, walking toe touches, heel-ups, body twists, straight leg kicks, mountain climbers, walking knee hugs, lunges, side shuffle, walking arm circles, jogging, back pedal, jumping jacks, squats, skipping, and cross overs.

Long-Lasting Construction

At 5'W x 3'H, students will be able to see these huge banners from anywhere in the gym. Heavy-duty vinyl construction is rip- and fray-resistant for long-term use. Banners include metal grommets for easy hanging on walls.