Teach-nique Soccer Banners

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Unit:  Set of 4

Introduce students to basic footwork drills used in the world's most popular sport!

Soccer fundamentals come to life in vivid detail on these soccer banners. They include step-by-step breakdowns of essential movements and skills—such as Dribbling, Passing, Trapping, and Shooting—with concise explanations on how to perform them. Hang banners on gym walls and make it easy for large groups of students to see them. Heavy-duty vinyl looks great over the long term, while grommets make for simple hanging.

Learn Essential Soccer Skills

These huge, 5'W x 3'H banners feature sharp photos with detailed instruction to lead students as they learn essential soccer skills. Each step concisely explains pivotal concepts on how to successfully handle the balls. This set includes 4 banners, each focusing on a specific skill. Along with the images and detailed instruction, each banner also includes "Do and Don't" tips to enhance the lesson.

Durable banners are made of heavy-duty vinyl and resist ripping and fraying for long-lasting use. Each banner includes metal grommets, allowing for easy set up and take down.