Teach-nique Flexibility Banners

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Unit:  Set of 2

Yoga-inspired moves involve the entire body, increasing a student's flexibility, balance, and strength.

Give students a gentle way to improve movement of joints while developing balance and strength. Increased flexibility decreases the risk of injury and enhances physical activity performance. These flexibility banners measure 5'W x 3'H, making them highly visible from anywhere in the gym!

Improved Flexibility and Athleticism

Information on these two banners helps students expand their range of motion and flexibility. Each activity outlined increases flexibility, but also helps decrease the risk of injury for improved athleticism.

All the positions are yoga-centric and aid in developing speed, strength, and endurance. The set includes 2 banners, with 4 exercises on each.

Large, Durable Design

Huge, 5'W x 3'H banners are easy to see from anywhere in the gym. Students can quickly reference them while performing moves. Banners are made of heavy-duty vinyl that will not rip or fray. Metal grommets allow teachers to simply hang the banner on hooks and remove them just as quickly to change banners.