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A fast, no-contact game, Tchoukball emphasizes strategy and validates important PE principles.

Rebound games with a combination of team handball and basketball, Tchoukball (pronounced “chuke-ball”) aligns with SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education and encourages players to be competitive without being overly aggressive. Players throw the ball at the rebounding frames, and the opposing team must catch it without the ball hitting the ground. As a whole, the game rewards anticipation and physical ability.

Promote Accuracy and Teamwork

Place a rebounder at each end of the playing area. Create a circle around the goal to indicate a "forbidden zone". A team can pass the ball up to 3 times before shooting it at either rebounder. Players on the other team need to catch the ball before it touches the floor. The throwing team earns a point if the receiving team does not catch the ball. The receiving team earns a point if the ball misses the rebounder, the ball goes out of bounds after hitting the rebounder, or if the ball lands in the forbidden zone.

Long-Lasting Equipment

Set includes everything needed to easily set up a game of Tchoukball, making this an extremely convenient option for Physical Education classes. The rebounder features a powder-coated steel frame that is guaranteed to last through years of use. The frame folds flat for easy storage.

Pack includes 2 rebounder frames (39-1/2"L x 39-1/2"W), 1 Elementary/Middle School Pro ball, handbook, and instructional DVD. High School Pro ball and foam ball are also available separately.

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