Tanita TBF-400 NTEP Body Composition Analyzer/Scale

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Provides highly accurate measurements, making it an NTEP Class III certifiable scale.

Measure body fat and weight using foot-to-foot bioelectrical impedance analysis with this body composition analyzer. It gives you a better picture of overall health than weight alone, allowing coaches to design targeted training regimens for their athletes. It prints out:

  • weight to 0.2 lb
  • body fat to 0.1%
  • fat mass/fat-free mass to 0.2 lb
  • total body water to 0.2 lb
  • basal metabolic rate.

A port allows for easy connection with a computer. A convenient nylon storage case is sold separately. The scale includes 6 AA batteries and one 25'L roll of paper. It features a 440 lb capacity. The scale base measures 13½"L x 12½"W; 17 lb.