Tag, You're It! Book

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The ultimate collection of tag games.

Tag is a timeless playground game that everyone is familiar with. This book features 101 variations on the game, all of which keep students moving and having fun.

Numerous Fitness Opportunities

Tag is a great cardiovascular exercise for students. When new rules or objectives are introduced, it becomes the perfect foundation for many activities. From sport to dance or fitness to fun, tag games for physical education build on the movement and learning skills required to excel in these areas of focus. With 101 variations in this book, there's no shortage of tag activities to explore.

Tag activities outlined in this 109-page book feature everything needed to get started. Learn the name of the game variation, its unique objective, participation roles, rules, and the nuances of the game at a glance. Because each activity is rooted in the game of tag, they're easy enough for students to quickly get a grasp of and exciting enough to get them moving!