TACtonic Slam Balls

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A grippy, textured slam ball cover provides unrivaled control during overhead and partner routines!

The tacky, extremely grippy PVC cover ensures a secure hold every time you handle this ball! Fingers fit into the hexagon indentations on the cover, so hands won't slip during quick routines or when hands get sweaty. Use for overhead movements or partner routines!

A Better Core Workout

The sand-filled center shifts as the ball moves, engaging users' core and abdominal muscles for a more dynamic workout. The sand center also ensures a dead bounce when the ball is dropped, so users won't spend any time chasing after it—keeping their focus on the activity and maximizing training time.

TACtonic is available in multiple weights to accommodate all ages. As the ball's weight increases, so does the diameter.

Ball Sizes

  • 6 lb = 7" dia
  • 8 lb = 7" dia
  • 10 lb = 7" dia
  • 15 lb = 9" dia
  • 20 lb = 9" dia
  • 25 lb = 9" dia
  • 30 lb = 9" dia