Tachikara SV-5WS Sensi-Tec Composite Volleyballs

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Tachikara's best composite volleyball!

Premium Sensi-Tec microfiber composite cover features the same textured feel of real leather for better control and truer touch. Resin-fused cover makes the ball more durable and gives it a truer touch for better in-game performance.

Patented Loose Bladder Construction creates a cushioning layer between the bladder and cotton-reinforced panels for a soft touch, increased durability, and long-lasting air retention.

Ball is official size and weight, and it is approved for official play. It meets NFHS, NCAA, IVBF, USAV, and FIVB specifications. Features NFHS Authenticating Mark. Choose from a Rainbow Set for color-coded games during PE classes, or from over 40 color options to correspond with your school's colors.