Supra Volleyball Trainers

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Practice and develop skills with a lightweight training volleyball for kids that won't sting!

Up to 50% lighter than a traditional volleyball, Supra lets students focus more on training and less on fear of the ball. The lighter weight helps them develop skills properly, and the 3 sizes help increase and decrease difficultly. Combining the lightweight design with a soft, sting-free cover makes them significantly less intimidating to young students. Thin synthetic cover protects the ball from wear and tear. A tough butyl bladder keeps the ball inflated and ready for every spike.

The Junior Size is 20% smaller and 50% lighter than a standard regulation ball; Official Size is 40% lighter; Oversized is 20% larger and official weight. Vibrant colors are easy to see as the balls soar through the air.

Ball Sizes

  • Junior Size = 7" dia
  • Official Size = 8" dia
  • Oversized = 10" dia