STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Set

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Intermediate-level stick with an entry-level head, soft mesh netting, and an advanced aluminum shaft.

Help players transition from an entry-level stick to something more advanced! A flat scoop teaches them to scoop through ground balls. Its head is molded with a softer material and has a soft mesh net for a more forgiving response.


  • Aluminum shaft
  • Wide plastic head
  • Nylon mesh net
  • 40"L stick

Flexible Head Design

With an entry-level head and a more advanced shaft, this stick serves as a fantastic beginner and intermediate option. The flexible head is more forgiving when it makes contact with the ground, which is especially important when scooping up ground balls. A deeper, soft mesh pocket helps with catching and ball control. The soft mesh provides an already broken in feel that clings to the ball.

Offset head allows the ball to sit lower in the pocket. It is narrower than most all-plastic beginner sticks, but it's still wider and more forgiving than an advanced stick.

Advanced Shaft

Alloy shaft is lightweight while still providing outstanding strength. The 6000 series aluminum alloy construction is heat-treated for increased strength. Not only does this shaft provide a more advanced level of play, but it’s also built to last.

Greater Whip

Shooting strings in the pocket impact the ball’s balance and direction. This can also affect the “whip” of the shot, which determines the angle at which the ball leaves the pocket. Because this stick has a deeper pocket, it provides more whip than sticks with lighter pockets, an important feature for players who want to make shorter passes or quicker shots.

12-Player Set includes 12 sticks + 12 FREE balls. Individual sticks also sold separately.