SteadyCatch Set

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Keep the parachute steady to catch a ball in the middle of the target!

Assign up to 4 players to each square parachute, holding the handles to control it, as they toss a ball back and forth with another team. During the parachute games, teams take a step back with each successful catch, or they go back to where they began if they drop the ball. The team that takes the most steps back wins! You can also challenge players to balance the ball in the center of the parachute without dropping it while racing against other teams toward the finish line. Each parachute has 4 black nylon 28"L straps with a 4"L loop on the end. This allows players to hold the loop for a greater challenge or closer to the parachute for more control.

Polyester parachutes have black nylon edging and a 12"L x 12"W inner square showing where players need to catch the ball. Rainbow colors are perfect for color-coded activities. Inflatable, vinyl balls are tough and tacky which helps the ball stay in place when caught. Set includes 6 parachutes (14"L x 14"W), 6 vinyl balls (7" dia), 6 cotton beanbags (6" sq), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.