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Standard Inflator

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An inflator with plenty of power in a handy size.

A combination of superb inflation power and rugged durability makes this basketball inflator a staple in any institutional setting. Built-in storage houses all necessary accessories to top off nearly any activity or sport ball, with an easy-to-read PSI gauge for quick reference. A cooling fan prevents overheating during periods of heavy use.

Quick Inflation Solution

Lightweight plastic gives teachers the dual benefit of easy mobility and superior resilience over time. When set down on gym floors, the unit will not scuff or mar the surface. An easy-to-read gauge displays the PSI of balls at a glance. Stow the 34”L nylon-covered hose in the hollow front storage compartment for quick retrieval. You can also store inflation needles in a built-in compartment.

A 10-1/4”L power cord gives users enough mobility to quickly fill balls where they’re needed, including courtside or in equipment closets. This inflator comes with several critical accessories, including 2 inflation nozzles, a needle, and a valve adapter. It can inflate a Size 7 basketball in 23 seconds. Inflator is 10-3/4”L x 6-1/2”W x 6”H; 5 lb 6 oz.