Stabilis Anti-Tip Scooter Boards

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We guarantee you've never seen a scooter as stable as our three-sided, three-wheeled Stabilis Scooter for kids!

No matter where you sit on it, this anti-tip scooter remains stable! Three additional extra-large handles add extra safety through a sure grip.

Safer, Anti-Tip Design

A patented triangular shape and three-wheel design prevent tipping no matter what part of the scooter a student sits on! A larger surface area allows more than one student to sit on Stabilis at once, making it a top choice for cooperative and team activities.

Each scooter features recessed handles to prevent pinched fingers in the event a scooter collides with another object. Handle cutouts are also larger than most to accommodate all ages and provide superior control during activities and races.

Convenient Storage & Seat Design

A domed top allows teachers and students to stack these scooters on each other for fast, compact storage. This reduces the floor space required to store these and eliminates the need for a storage cart! Simply place the top scooter’s wheels over the bottom scooter’s handles and repeat!

The domed top has benefits beyond storage. With the rider slightly elevated (vs. flat on other scooter boards) and in a more natural position, riders' feet have better contact with the floor and more control with their arms & hands. A textured top helps to keep riders in place.

Premium Construction

Constructed of reinforced ABS plastic, Stabilis absorbs impact vs. immediately cracking and withstands years of rough play. Each scooter supports up to 500 lb.

Two wheel options are available to best fit your needs. Both wheel options are 3" dia and match the scooter's color.

  • Indoor/Outdoor: Urethane inline skate wheels are faster and offer a smooth glide. They handle a variety of surfaces (gym flooring, wood, concrete, pavement, and more).
  • Indoor: Thermoplastic wheels are designed for use on indoor flooring only.