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SportSkillz Volleyball Training Station Packs

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Save time with one-of-a-kind packs designed to introduce students to the key skills of volleyball!

Quickly set up 12 circuit-style volleyball training drills for kids using these packs! They include all the equipment and instruction needed to teach the fundamentals of volleyball to an entire class at once. Self-directed circuits accommodate all ages and require little guidance from the PE teacher or coach.

Clear Instruction

Twelve station boards provide start and stop instruction, covering the key skills needed to succeed in volleyball. All skills are broken down clearly in an easy-to-follow set of instructions. Boards also include 3 images showing students an example of each part of the skill.

Volleyball drills and skills included on these boards include Bump and Forearm Pass, Bump and Forearm Pass Over Net, Shuffle Bump, Shuffle Jump Progression, Setting, Setting Over Net, Underhand Serving, Overhand Serving, Partner Serve/Bump/Set, Digging, Introduction to Blocking, and Introduction to Spiking.

Easy to Implement

Each pack includes compact teacher cards that easily fit in pockets. These cards provide additional information beyond the instruction already provided on the boards, including implementation, equipment needed for drills, duration of drills, start and stop action keys, and tips to help improve the success of the student.

Pack Options

  • Both Packs include:
    • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones, 12 Ea
    • Rainbow VersaBagPlus Mesh Storage Bags, 6 Ea
    • Station Boards and Teacher Cards
  • Beginner Pack
    • Rainbow IntroSport Volleyballs, 6 Ea
    • Rainbow Rally Lite Volleyballs, 6 Ea
    • Rainbow SoftPlay Volleyballs, 6 Ea
  • Intermediate Pack
    • Gopher Victory 1000 Volleyballs, 18 Ea
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