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SportSkillz Basketball Training Station Packs

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Easily and effectively introduce students to key basketball skills with self-directed circuit-style stations!

Quickly set up 12 stations with all the premium equipment and easy-to-follow instruction needed to successfully teach the fundamentals of basketball. Self-directed packs accommodate all ages and require little guidance from the teacher. Students move from station to station to complete each drill, learning basic basketball skills such as shooting, passing, catching, dribbling, and other essential skills.

Self-Guided Stations

Each station includes detailed instruction for basketball drills with skills that transfer directly into games and improve the student’s level of play. Large 18” x 18” instructional boards are easy to reference while performing drills at 12 stations and match provided equipment. They are made of durable plastic that will not bend, crease, or crack. Detailed, laminated teacher overview cards take the guesswork out of planning by guiding instructors through proper setup and technique for all exercises.

Outstanding Convenience

This is also our only basketball set that offers all the equipment you need for station set up, as well as the only set with full instruction. Included mesh bags allow you to easily store and transport all equipment in these packs.

Pack Options

  • All Packs Include:
    • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones, 12 Ea
    • Station Boards, Set of 12
    • Teacher Cards, Set of 5
    • VersaBag Mesh Bags, 6 Ea
  • Beginner Pack
    • Rainbow Performer Basketballs, 6 Ea
    • Gopher Instrux Basketballs, 6 Ea
    • Rainbow Supra Basketballs (Size 5), 6 Ea
  • Intermediate Pack
    • Gopher Victory 1000 Basketballs, 18 Ea (9 Ea Size 6, Size 7)