Sport First Aid Book

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Book outlines care and prevention for more than 110 sports-related injuries at your fingertips.

Teachers and coaches can get the tools and knowledge they need to respond and care appropriately for medical injuries thanks to this book. It is organized for quick reference and includes the latest CPR standards.

Take Action During Injuries

You never know when an injury or emergency situation will arise during PE or sports practices/games. This 328-page book provides high school coaches, club coaches, and PE teachers with steps for the care and prevention of more than 110 sport-related injuries and illnesses. You and your coaching staff will be prepared to make critical decisions and respond appropriately when faced with medical emergencies.




  • Part I Introduction to Sport First Aid
    • Chapter 1 Your Role on the Athletic Health Care Team
    • Chapter 2 Sport First Aid Game Plan
  • Part II Basic Sport First Aid Skills
    • Chapter 3 Anatomy and Sport Injury Terminology
    • Chapter 4 Emergency Action Steps
    • Chapter 5 Physical Assessment and First Aid Techniques
    • Chapter 6 Moving Injured or Sick Athletes
  • Part III Sport First Aid for Specific Injuries
    • Chapter 7 Respiratory Emergencies and Illnesses
    • Chapter 8 Head, Spine, and Nerve Injuries
    • Chapter 9 Internal Organ Injuries
    • Chapter 10 Sudden Illnesses
    • Chapter 11 Weather-Related Problems
    • Chapter 12 Upper Body Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • Chapter 13 Lower Body Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • Chapter 14 Facial and Scalp Injuries
    • Chapter 15 Skin Problems