Spine Board

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Safely transport the injured on this water rescue spine board.

This rescue spine board is tapered for easy maneuverability during water rescues. It is equipped with runners on the bottom and hand holes for lifting. It is built to withstand years of indoor and outdoor use.

Extreme Strength and Usability

Made of 100% recycled, high-impact polyethylene plastic, this spine board is stronger and lighter than its wooden counterparts. It is extremely rigid and able to float during water rescues. The contoured shape provides excellent handhold and attachment points for restraint straps. This shape also eliminates the need for runners, making the board more versatile.

The board's clean, non-porous surface is easy to wipe off between use. The board is scratch-resistant and withstands weather, water, and chlorine for years to come. Board supports up to 350 lb and is 72"L x 16"W; 15 lb. A head immobilizer with soft vinyl pads is sold separately and can be attached to the spine board. Additional restraint straps also sold separately.