SpikePro Outdoor Volleyball Net System

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Outdoor net system makes it easy to take the game of volleyball outdoors!

Durable outdoor system features 2" dia aluminum poles and staked ends for greater stability. Dual tensioning system includes guy ropes and a support rope that runs through the net's top band. The guy ropes include carabiners for quick attachment and handles for easy adjustment. Simply slide those handles or adjust the top rope to alter the net tension!

Durable and Stable Design

Every part of this net system is designed for stability and tough play in institutional settings. Durable 2" dia aluminum poles feature staked ends for stability. Four, 5/16" dia guy ropes and molded handles make tightening the net easy. A set of four 12"L galvanized steel stakes keep the guy rope system tight. Red boundary markers stake into the ground, ensuring they stay put during play.

Adjustable, Telescoping Construction

Set includes 2" dia aluminum poles that telescope to 7'4", 7'8" and 8'H, making it great for just about any age group. Poles feature indicator lines to guide the push pin, making it easy to adjust the net height. 3 mm nylon net with 4" black mesh features a 2.5" vinyl headband and bottom band. Net is 32'L x 36"H.

The set comes complete with a zippered storage bag that holds the entire system and makes transport to and from storage a breeze. Everything weighs 29 lb.