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SPARK Manuals

As low as $39.95

Support your program with an extra manual!

You may need or want a manual or additional manuals if:

  • You purchased digital access and would like to supplement your program with a hard-copy manual.
  • You previously purchased a manual, but misplaced it.
  • You would like an extra manual to share with substitute or team-teachers.
  • Your school or district previously purchased SPARK manuals for staff, but you now have a need for more.
  • You are a parent and would like more at-home activity ideas.

Note: Digital subscription access ( NOT included with manual.

  • SPARK K-2 Manual: Pre-August 2020
  • SPARK Middle School Manual: Pre-March 2021
  • SPARK High School Manual: Pre-August 2021
  • SPARK After School Manual: Pre-May 2022