Spalding LITE Volleyball System

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Quality steel volleyball system weighs 34% less than other steel standards.

This Spalding volleyball net system provides the durability of powder-coated steel without the weight of other heavy standards! Easily adjust the height for men’s, women’s, and junior’s games. The lightest steel in-floor system we offer, each upright weighs only about 49 lb, making it 34% less an average than standard systems.

Easy to Adjust

System comes with a spring-loaded outer telescoping system that adds stability and lessens deflection and bowing during play. Clearly marked settings on the standards for men’s, women’s, and junior’s heights make it easy to adjust the net as quick as possible. System includes a standard worm gear to tension the net. With the winch mounted in a fixed position on the slide pole, instructors can easily wind the net to be tight. Instructors can also easily turn 2 courts into 3 by purchasing a third standard with another winch box.

Quality Design

Powder-coated surface gives these steel standards an extra layer of protection. They will not chip or rust, keeping them stronger and performing longer. Standards require a 3” dia floor sleeve, sold separately.


  • 3" dia steel
  • Net
  • Worm gear winch
  • Meets NCAA, FIVB, and NFHS standards
  • Specify color on padding

Court Options

  • One-Court System. Includes 2 standards (1 with winch), 2 economy post pads, 32’ x 36’ competition net, and antennas. Floor sleeves sold separately. 100 lb.
  • Two-Court Adapter System. Additional winch-end standard pairs with One-Court System for two-court play, includes economy post pad. Net and floor sleeve sold separately. 50 lb.