Solid-Foam Bowling Set

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Incredibly soft all-foam pins and ball are ideal for learning the fundamentals of bowling.

Set up these soft 8 oz pins anywhere without the worry of noise, injury, or damage to floors, wall, or other equipment. The pins in this foam bowling set for kids are regulation size so they can learn how to bowl with the same size pins they will use at an actual bowling alley.

Soft and Safe Construction

Extra-soft foam ball and pins are perfect for students of all ages! Regulation size pins are a great progression to an official set later, but without the heavy weight and risk of injury. Unlike traditional plastic pins, these pins are soft enough to be used on any surface and make minimal noise when they fall.

Each ball comes with 2 sets of 3-finger hole patterns, making it easy for students to find the perfect grip. At 8" dia, the 10 oz ball is slightly smaller than regulation size, so it is easier to control. The pins are regulation height and weigh only 8-1/2 oz, so students can use them to develop their skills before moving on to traditional pins.

Every set includes 10 pins, 1 ball, and a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.