Soft-Stix Golf Sets

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Oversized soft foam heads make learning golf easier and safer!

Give even your youngest students a chance to try their hand at the game of golf! Oversized foam takes away any intimidation for the sport itself, while Screamin’ colors offer an inviting and fun playtime prospect. The durable nature of these beginner golf clubs is ideal for heavy institutional use by younger players. Available in putter or iron sets, everything included consolidates quickly into a convenient DuraBag Duffel.

Safe for Young Students

Foam is a much safer prospect for golf club heads than traditional metal, making these safe clubs for kids an ideal prospect at the new beginner level. Despite a steel shaft, clubs are easy to swing and control thanks to rubberized grips, promoting better safety all around. The oversized design of both club faces and balls makes it easy to learn the fundamentals, while staying safe and coordinated at the same time.

Choose the putter (34"L) set to acclimate students with the short game of golf, emphasizing power, control, and alignment. Or, break out the irons (37"L) to teach the value of stance and swing mechanics! Both sets are safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Durable Design

Polyurethane foam is tremendously durable and highly resistant to tearing or ripping, lending longevity to your beginner golf clubs. Firm heads stand up to the institutional wear and tear that comes with beginner abuse and will hold their shape and consistency in the face of both indoor and outdoor environments.

Complementing the foam club heads are steel shafts, which lend rigidity to the club and serve to reinforce overall resistance to abrasion. Steel shafts also provide additional heft to give students the hand-feel of a real club.

Convenient Storage and Transportation

When class is over, cleanup is made easy—toss your foam golf clubs and balls into the DuraBag Duffel that comes with each set. The equipment will fit neatly inside for quick transportation and even easier storage in equipment lockers and closets.

Soft-Stix Golf Club Options

Soft-Stix Golf Clubs are available in 2 sets of 12, with additional sets of balls also available.

12-Player Sets

Include 12 clubs, 12 balls, and a DuraBag Duffel for storage.

  • Putter Set
  • #7 Iron Set


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