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AHS Classroom SitRight Stability Ball Sets

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Unit:  Set of 24

Quickly transform regular stability balls into comfortable, self-righting active chairs!

Swap out standard classroom chairs for a set of stability ball chairs for classrooms! Thick mesh cover is self-righting, so the padded seat is always on top and ready for use. These convenient active seats improve students’ posture and concentration, while also allowing them to burn excess energy and work their core muscles.

Comfortable and Convenient Design

The self-righting design of this thick mesh cover prevents students from having to search for the padded top. The padded top provides a more comfortable seat than traditional chairs or a regular stability ball. The cover protects the 55 cm ball from damage. While seated, students can grab on to the 2 side handles for extra stability. These handles also make it easier to move the ball.

Enhance Student Engagement

Active seating options, such as SitRight, allow students to move without disruption. The backless, unstable design engages core muscles to maintain good posture. Also, as students fidget, they burn off excess energy and become more focused on the task at hand.

Set includes 24 SitRight covers and 24 stability balls (55 cm). These stability balls are suitable for students from 4'8" to 5'4"H.