ShufflePro Team Set

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Imagine the fun the entire class will have shooting at the same target all at once!

In this high-energy take on shuffleboard, two teams try to outscore one another by getting as many discs into the scoring areas as possible with fun, indoor shuffleboard equipment. Discs can be bumped into or out of the scoring area by other discs, even by a player’s own teammate! The team game gets all players involved and takes up much less space than setting up 12 individual shuffleboard courts.

Get Everyone Involved

This set has multiple game ideas to get your entire class involved and excited about shuffleboard, all while encouraging team communication and strategy. Up to 24 students can play at once using this indoor shuffleboard set. Included instructions help teachers create whole-class game variants.

One team variation includes setting up 30 bowling pins (not included) in alternating colors lengthwise across the center of the gym. Teams line up on opposite sides, and each player gets a cue and two discs. Players shoot their discs, trying to knock down all the pins in their opponent's color. The first team to accomplish this, wins.

High-Quality Cues

Aluminum shafts on the cues are lightweight, durable, and built to last. A molded head provides better control over shots. Each cue also features a specially designed grip for greater cue control. A safety wrist strap prevents the cue from flying away if the player loses his/her grip.

Complete Set includes 24 cues (52"L), 48 discs (3-1/2" dia), 1 roll of deluxe vinyl floor tape, 1 DuraBag duffle, and activity instruction.