Shield Replacement Blades

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Blades and butt ends for all Shield hockey sticks we offer!

Easily and quickly refurbish hockey sticks using these replacement blades. Options include blades for plastic, aluminum, LTG, and wood shafts, as well as safety end caps. These are the only replacement parts we carry that work with Shield hockey sticks.

Keep Sticks in Top Shape

If the blades on your current Shield sticks are worn or cracked, use these replacements to extend the life of the stick. Blades slide on to the shaft and screw into place for easy attachment. Indoor blades are made of thick, non-marring plastic to protect gym floors and has ventilation holes for better airflow during game play. Outdoor blades are thicker than indoor options to better withstand outdoor terrain. A perforated design makes it more aerodynamic for more strength and quickness. Safety butt ends protect the ends of the stick during games.