Shield Plastic-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets

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Durable, flexible plastic-shaft floor hockey sets are designed for elementary to junior high players.

The thickest ABS plastic shafts we offer will hold up to the demands of institutional use. The plastic blades are safe for use on indoor gym floors, while reinforced outdoor blades can handle even the roughest surfaces. 


  • The thick ABS shaft is resilient and made to withstand high levels of impact. It maintains its shape even under pressure, especially when compared to PVC sticks (which can crack).
  • A soft plastic cap on the end protects users and the shaft.
  • Choose from an indoor or outdoor blade option. Both feature a perforated blade design that reduces drag and wind resistance for more powerful shots.
    • Indoor red/blue blades are safe for gym floors.
    • Outdoor black/white blades are reinforced to handle rough outdoor terrain. Suitable for floor, street, or roller hockey for youth or beginner players in less-intense games.


Set Options

12-Player Indoor Sets include:

  • Sticks (30"L, 36"L, or 42"L w/ red & blue blades), 12 Ea
  • Balls, 2 Ea
  • Instructions

14-Player Indoor Set includes:

  • Sticks (42"L w/ red & blue blades), 14 Ea
  • Balls, 2 Ea
  • Instructions

12-Player Outdoor Sets include:

  • Sticks (36"L or 42"L w/ black & white blades), 12 Ea
  • Balls, 2 Ea
  • Instructions