Shield Hex Floor Hockey Balls

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Unit:  Set of 6

Soft plastic hockey ball with a unique shape and hollow center.

Students new to the game of floor hockey will have better success using this hexagonal ball. The shape makes the ball roll straight, but slower and without as much bounce, meaning students can track it and control is better.

Unique Shape for Slower Play

This hexagonal ball is designed to play slower for beginners and during indoor play. Because the ball moves slower than traditional floor hockey balls, students of all ages and skill levels are able to accurately track the ball as it rolls on the floor. Its speed also allows for more focus on stick handling and other key techniques. Rainbow colors allow teachers to color coordinate different activities or sort students into six different groups for drills. Plus, students love the bright colors!

Strong, Safe PVC Construction

The balls are made of slightly squishy PVC. Because of their give and softness, they are a safe option for beginners and on hardwood gym floors. They also stand up outdoors on pavement. Each ball measures 2-3/4" dia.