SecureStep Agility Ladders


Slip-resistant rubberized PVC rungs won't hurt the user or your gym floor while using this safe and fun training agility ladder.

These agility ladders have rungs made of a soft, rubberized PVC material that's slip-resistant on indoor flooring, and features weighted ends for extra-secure anchoring. 

Constructed for Safety

These beginner-friendly ladders are made from rubberized PVC for optimal safety. Rungs grip floors without slipping, even when stepped on or bumped. Sand-weighted ends anchor the ladders for additional security, ensuring students' safety during all types of agility routines.

Teaches Technique

Because the sewn rungs are raised slightly off the floor, emphasis is placed on clean footwork and sound technique. This is ideal for beginners, as the higher clearance of each rung forces students to slow down, and practice core agility skills.

Extremely Durable

Rubberized PVC rungs make these some of the most resilient agility ladders we offer! They are designed to hold up tot the wear and tear of everyday use, yet remain lightweight for easy setup and takedown. Use indoors and out. An included storage bag makes storage and transport easy, and protects the ladder.