Screamin' Yellow Itty Coated-Foam Ball

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Unit:  Set of 12

These coated-foam balls are little, bright, and ready to take flight!

At just 3.5" dia, these soft coated-foam balls are easy to track and extra lively, making them perfect for paddle games, racquet sports, baseball, softball, floor hockey, and more! They feature a pick-proof, durable coating that won't peel or crack, even after years of play. Bring them into your class and add a bright twist to a variety of gym activities!


Use Screamin' Yellow itty balls for a variety of tossing and catching games, relays, or conventional sports! They perform similarly to tennis balls but are actually coated-foam. Combined with their bright yellow color for visibility, this makes them great practice tools for racquet sports.

Durable and Safe

Each ball features durable coating, protecting the foam from water or sharp, rough objects it might encounter in the gym. The cover is also pick proof, so students will not absent-mindedly tear them apart in their hands. A grippy texture also provides students with better control and accuracy when tossing them. Mere inches in diameter, these coated-foam balls are extremely safe. Students will play with confidence and learn skills quickly due to increased participation.

Complete Set includes 12 balls.