Screamin' Orange Evolution Medicine Ball Sets

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It's easy to see why sets of our best medicine ball in Screamin' Orange, are great for your fitness unit!

Equip your entire class with Screamin' Orange medicine balls that stand out among all others! What's more, included storage keeps equipment organized and protected while not in use and printed instruction allows students to learn the basics even when they aren't directly supervised.

Superior Visibility

Now in our vibrant Screamin' Orange, the 14" dia Evolution is much easier to track during throwing and catching routines and adds a fun pop of color to your gym setting.

Superior Durability

The cover's 12 raised panels and tacky material provide the unparalleled grip, even when hands get sweaty. Reinforced seams increase the durability and longevity, especially when compared to others on the market. High-quality filling creates better shape retention and prevents the ball from becoming lumpy after repeated use. Evolution is not designed to bounce, promoting safety among users. Large weight identifiers printed on each ball make selection a breeze.

Set Options

  • 6-Ball Set. Includes 2 ea 14, 16, 20 lb balls, 1 UltraFit Oversized 6-Ball Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Training Charts.
  • 9-Ball Set. Includes 3 ea 14, 16, 20 lb balls, 1 UltraFit Oversized 9-Ball Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Training Charts.