Scooter Poles and Paddles

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Enhance scooter and raft activities with poles and scooter paddles.

Provide students with a fun way to move about on a scooter while learning how to use poles and paddles!

All 3 of these options provide students with a great option for learning to maneuver a scooter while building upper-body strength. Rather than relying on their hands and feet, students use these tools and master new important movements. They will quickly learn the rhythm and force needed to move in the direction they need to go.

  • 52"L Kayak Pole is designed for side-to-side alternate paddling
  • 19"L Poles allow students to use both arms separately or at the same time
  • 24”L Paddle features a paddle T grip on the opposite end of the rubber tip to simulate realistic canoe motions. The T grip provides better control, allowing students to create more torque. Replacement Tips sold separately.

All poles and paddles are made with a heavy-duty PVC that is durable yet flexible. Each paddle and pole features an easy-to-grip foam handle, which helps students maintain control as they paddle.

The Kayak Pole and Paddle are sold individually, and the Poles are sold as a pair.