Schoolwide Physical Activity Book

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Learn innovative methods for incorporating physical activity throughout the school day.

A guide for people who believe physical activity for students is the responsibility of all school administrators and teachers, this book provides a blueprint for building a comprehensive K-12 physical activity program that extends beyond PE class and addresses the needs of all students.

Bring PE to All Classes

A fantastic resource for school teachers and administrators alike, this 352-page book provides K-12 staff with the tools they need to plan and administer exercise programs that go beyond PE class. These activities can be integrated into the classroom, on playgrounds, in before- or after-school programs, during intramural programs, and in community programs. The premise is that physical activity should not be the sole responsibility of Physical Education teachers, but should occur throughout the entire school.



  • Part I: Introduction
    • Chapter 1. Physical Activity and the School Program
    • Chapter 2. The School Wellness Program and Physical Activity
  • Part II: The Elementary Physical Activity Program
    • Chapter 3. Quality Elementary Physical Education
    • Chapter 4. The Elementary School Physical Activity Program
    • Chapter 5. The Role of the Classroom Teacher in Physical Activity Programs
    • Chapter 6. Recess
    • Chapter 7. Games in the Elementary School
    • Chapter 8. Teaching Dance and Rhythms
    • Chapter 9. Fitness for the Elementary School Child
    • Chapter 10. Administering the Elementary School Physical Activity Program
    • Chapter 11. Programs Before, During, and After School and Special Events
  • Part III: The Secondary Physical Activity Program
    • Chapter 12. The Comprehensive Physical Activity Program for the Secondary School
    • Chapter 13. Planning the Secondary Physical Activity Program
    • Chapter 14. Administering the Physical Activity Program
    • Chapter 15. Conducting Intramural Sports
    • Chapter 16. Conducting Secondary Heath-Related Fitness Programs
  • Part IV: Wellness Programs
    • Chapter 17. Parent, Staff, and Faculty Physical Activity Programs