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Custom Logo Rubber Ball Packs

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Take school spirit to a new level with this complete assortment of customized rubber balls in age-appropriate sizes!

The largest rubber ball pack we offer gives you 336 pieces of awesome rubber ball equipment, spanning 4 major sports and including general activity balls! Put your school name, mascot, or custom logo right on the ball itself and have your students show off their school spirit each time the recess bell rings!


  • Quickly choose from either footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, or other games and activities that feature a utility ball.
  • Great for playground and PE games where the ball is caught, thrown, or kicked, making it a great and durable option for any PE class or playground.
  • These packs come in 2 different size options—Elementary or Middle/Jr. High—giving you 2 options to best choose the equipment, properly sized for your students. Proper sized equipment is important when students are developing their sport skills because it allows them to use proper and correct technique while performing skills.

Show Your School Spirit

Customizing your various sports equipment for school paves the way for uniformity in your institution. Instead of an amalgamation of different balls from varying brands, this pack enables you to offer your students a standardized level of consistency across all balls, with your school's logo or mascot right on the side. We offer the ability to add your school, district, team, or other logo to our durable rubber balls! The customization options are endless and even offer great partnership or sponsorship opportunities—simply send us your artwork, and we'll do the rest.

These sets are also available in classic, traditional sport ball colors, such as tan footballs and basketballs, black and white soccer balls, and white volleyballs. Playground and utility and kick balls are the only style balls in the traditional pack to still be Rainbow® colored. Traditional colored sport balls offer students an opportunity to play and practice their skills with similar balls to what they'll be using during official game team sports, allowing the transition to be easier and more familiar.

A Massive Pack

With a total 336 rubber sport and playground balls, there's enough to go around for everyone when recess is in full swing! Packs include footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and activity balls such as playground balls, kick balls, and utility balls. Students can choose the ball that's right for each style sport to keep them interested each and every class period or recess.

Each pack includes 48 of each different style ball, for a total of 336 balls! Choose from Rainbow® or Traditional colors in Elementary or Middle School/Junior High ball sizes.

Custom Logo Rubber Ball Pack Options

Custom Logo Rubber Ball Packs are available in Rainbow® and Traditional Packs, for 2 age groups.

  • Rainbow® Packs. Include all Rainbow® Balls.
  • Traditional Packs. Include Rainbow® playground, kickball, and utility balls, and Black/White, White, and Tan soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs, and basketballs.
  • Age Groups
    • Elementary
    • Middle School/Jr. High