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RingerToss Beanbag Horseshoes Set

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Ring in the fun with a game that combines elements of horseshoes and beanbag toss!

Add a new level of strategy to horseshoe and beanbag toss games. Horseshoes are replaced with a unique beanbag that features 2 cotton beanbags (6" sq) connected by a 6"L rope. Players take turns tossing their beanbag horseshoes toward the board, trying to make them ring around the pole. Each toss that successfully lands around the pole earns 3 points. If the beanbags land only on the board and not around the pole, players earn 1 point. The first team or player to earn 40 points, wins!

Boards include a powder-coated steel frame and legs, along with an MDF board top for top-notch durability. Remove and store the pole (12"L) in a clip on the back of the board and fold legs for compact storage.

Set includes 2 boards (48"L x 24-1/4"W x 7-3/4"H), 6 beanbags (3 ea green, blue), and activity instructions. 74 lb total.