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Revolve Active Stools

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Active stools feature 360° of movement to ensure students’ attention always circles back to their task!

Strengthen Minds and Bodies

Keep students' minds and bodies active on these stools! They feature a domed base to allow students to move in any direction and wiggle out excess energy. This in turn strengthens their attention and comprehension during class. A backless design enforces proper posture and increases circulation, which further improves focus and class performance. There's even a marble maze on the top side of the base that helps students build core strength during leisure time.

Long-Lasting and Comfortable

Revolve active seats feature powder-coated steel posts that easily stand up to daily classroom use. Lightweight plastic seats are textured for extended periods of sitting.

Elementary is 16-1/2"H x 12-1/2"L with a 15"H seat. Secondary is 21-1/2"H x 12-1/2"L with a 20"H seat. Both sizes weigh 4 lb.