Physical Education and Health Curriculums


SPARK is the world's most researched physical education and physical activity program for Pre-K through 12th grade. Each program is a coordinated package of teacher resources, profressional development, content-matched equipment, and free lifetime support. Celebrating 30+ years of Evidence, Innovation, and Impact. 

Why Choose SPARK?

  • The most researched and field-tested program in the world
  • Over 90 publications have documented the positive effects of SPARK
  • Meets the top Tiers for evidence-based programs defined by ESSA
  • Available in digital and print formats
  • Offers both onsite and online training options

Dynamic PE ASAP

Dynamic Physical Education lesson plans, now in a time-saving, adaptable format! We took the most popular, well-known PE curriculum in the world and made it incredible easy to implement in seconds for free!

About Dynamic PE ASAP

  • Create a custom, research-based yearly lesson plan for free
  • Easily filter and browse 400+ activities 
  • Drag and drop activities to create custom lesson plans
  • Easily print, download or view a mobile/tablet device


ACHIEVE!™ is the anwser to creating an effective physical education curriculum or before or after school program. ACHIEVE!™ utilizes a combination of standards-aligned content, easy-to-use lesson plans, videos, personalized training, and premium equipment to provide the ultimate solution for your school or institution!


  • All the tools to implement a quality program
  • A standards-based, proven solution
  • Expert content, on-site training, and high-quality equipment
  • Elementary, Middle School and Before & After School programs

Active & Healthy Schools

The Active & Healthy Schools™ (AHS™) Program includes all the necessary information to change the school environment so students are encouraged to increase their physical activity levels and make healthy nutrition choices. 

About Active & Healthy Schools

  • Discover how Active & Healthy your school currently is
  • Provides a complete road map to establishing a positive outlook on health and fitness in your school.
  • Easy-to-implement tools and strategies. Includes everything you need to succeed!
  • The one must-have resource to create change in your school