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RelaxFit Mesh Vest Packs

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Conveniently organize teams with color-coded mesh scrimmage vests.

Perfect for large group activities, these vests are available in two-color packs, making it easy to designate teams. An elastic-free bottom allows for unrestricted movement and increased comfort.

Convenient Team Organization

Two colors in each pack make dividing classes into teams simple. Available in Red/Blue or Green/Yellow packs, the colors highly contrast with one another so it is easy to recognize members of each team.

Comfortable Design

Enjoy maximum comfort with the heavy-duty 100% polyester fabric and a large open weave. Reinforced stitching increases the durability while still keeping the vest lightweight. An elastic-free bottom ensures the vests do not bunch up when putting them on or ride up during a game. An oversized neck and arm openings add comfort and make it easy to put on and take off the vests. A large tag helps students quickly grab the correct size at a glance. Vests are machine washable.

Vest Options

  • Medium. Ideal for elementary students.
  • Large. Ideal for middle school and high school students.
  • X-Large. Ideal for larger students and adults.
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