ReLAX Scooter Lacrosse Set

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Mini versions of our popular ReLAX lacrosse sticks bring scooter lacrosse to life!

Bring lacrosse down a level without sacrificing fun! These mini 17"L sticks combine the safety of a flexible, polymer head with the strength of a lightweight aluminum shaft.

A Fun Twist on Lacrosse

This set allows you to mix up either your scooter or lacrosse unit! Game play follows traditional lacrosse strategy but is played on scooters and encourages teamwork and communication while improving eye-hand and foot coordination.

Durable Design

Each stick includes a wide plastic blade that is durable while also flexible and forgiving. This is particularly beneficial for younger students who are still learning basic lacrosse skills. To add to the durability, the stick comes with an aluminum octagonal shaft that is designed to last and makes it easier to control during shots and passing. A black rubber end cap aids in the control as students use the butt end as a pole to help them propel shots and passes.

Set includes 12 sticks (6 each red and blue) for quick organization and 6 soft PVC balls.