Recess Pack

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Unit:  Pack

Enough equipment for multiple activities with multiple classes in one pack!


  • This pack features footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, rubber playground balls, cones and markers, jump ropes, throwing discs, and more!
  • All-inclusive pack includes enough equipment to keep students active and engaged in recess activities.
  • Equipment in this pack is suggested for elementary students.

Everything You Need for Recess

With 58 pieces of playground equipment included, this pack keeps students active during recess with a variety of options to choose from. Get a touch football game going, create goals with cones for a pickup soccer game, or dribbling obstacles for basketball practice, and more!

Pack includes:

  • Deluscious™ Footballs (Junior), 2 Ea
  • Spiral Foam Football (Junior), 1 Ea
  • Performer™ Rubber Soccer Balls (Size 4), 2 Ea
  • Performer™ Rubber Basketballs, Set of 3 (1 Ea Size 5, 2 Ea Size 6)
  • Utility Balls (8.5” dia), Set of 7 (6 Red, 1 Yellow)
  • Playground Balls (8.5” dia), Set of 3 (1 Red, 2 Yellow)
  • Deluscious™ Soccer Balls (Size 4), 2 Ea
  • Vinyl Cones (6”H, Orange), 4 Ea
  • Jump Ropes, Set of 18 (6 Ea 7'L, 8'L, 16'L)
  • Twirl 'n' Jump, 1 Ea
  • UltraGrip™ Foam Bat (24"L), 1 Ea
  • AirRanger™ Plastic Discs (9" dia), Set of 12
  • VersaBag™ Mesh Bag (Large), 1 Ea