RallyNet Club Tennis Net

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Great for club-level play, with double top netting and quadruple-stitched vinyl headband.

This official-sized net shines in club settings, where advanced players in singles and doubles matches will reciprocate fast-paced shots and lightning-quick serves. Trust this tennis netting to remain strong and reliable for years to come.


  • 3 mm braided polyethylene, 1-3/4" sq mesh netting; double strength in the top 5 rows
  • White vinyl, 2-1/2"H headband, quadruple stitched
  • Vinyl pocket sides with wood tensioning dowel
  • 6 mm coated-steel cable top; tape-binding bottom
  • 42'W x 39"H; 17 lb 8 oz

Great for Club-Level Play

Club-level play demands a net that can keep up with the speed and power of advanced players. This netting is designed to do just that, offering official dimensions and great heft. A resilient headband bears the brunt of shots that fall short, while vinyl pocket sides keep proper tension during matches. Braided polyethylene netting will stand up to shot after shot without breaking down, giving your club an investment that will repay itself for years to come.