Rainbow X-Force Bowling Balls

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Low-bounce balls are ideal for elementary students and students with special needs.

This low-bounce bowling ball will become a class favorite as students develop skills. These top-quality, long-lasting rubberized plastic bowling balls are guaranteed not to split and are safe on floors.

Low Bounce, Low Intensity

Built to absorb and dissipate the force of impact when thrown or rolled, these low-bounce balls are ideal for low-intensity play by younger students or students with special needs. The design also leads to a truer and more realistic roll, increasing a student’s chance of knocking down pins. Because the balls are low-bounce, they are safe for use on all floors. There is no worry about scratches or indents, even if the ball is dropped with force.

Multiple Sizes

All balls are 8-1/2” dia and come in multiple weights. 3 lb is a good option for younger students learning the proper technique for rolling a ball; 4 lb is great for all ages; 5 lb is the best option for older students. Teachers can equip their entire class with Rainbow Sets in 3 lb or individually in the other weights. Handling also easy thanks to 2 sets of 3-finger hole patterns, which are made to fit different finger and hand sizes.