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Rainbow UltraPlay RecessReady Sport Balls

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Our toughest, non-intimidating rubber sports-themed playground balls are ready for recess!

A specially designed three-ply rubber cover with fabric windings makes these playground balls for schools extremely durable yet friendly to the touch! Their versatility and unique design make them a staple for students' favorite recess games.

Superb Durability

Playground balls go through a beating, so they need to be extra-durable to last for years of use. These balls were designed with the best-performing rubber on the market, ensuring they withstand routine use by a large number of students. The three-ply rubber is not only durable, but extremely soft, meaning it won’t sting hands and is appropriate for even the youngest students. A tacky texture also makes it easier for students to throw and catch with control, boosting confidence and excitement to participate!

Each set of 6 is designed to look and play like an actual sport ball, with football, soccer, and basketball options. The football features white throwing stripes and tacky rubber laces, while the soccer balls and basketballs have traditional paneling design. Jr size balls are ideal for beginners and smaller hands, while larger balls are ideal for older players.

All sets come in Rainbow colors in sets of 6. The bright colors are friendly and make tracking the ball extremely easy, helping students find more success in their playground games.