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Rainbow UltraFlite Kickballs

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Our best custom kickball is designed to last!

The right combination of durability and friendliness! Nylon and polyester windings make UltraFlite extra strong, ensuring it lasts kick after kick, while a soft-touch rubber cover makes it easy to catch and friendly on toes.

Friendly and Durable

Specially-designed cover takes the sting out of kickball, allowing players to play with confidence. The tackiness in the cover allows fielders great control to “grip it and rip it” back into the infield! Complementary to the soft cover, interior nylon and polyester windings allow this ball to retain its shape and dynamic flight, even after years of use. A quality butyl bladder is air tight, so don't worry about lost air or the need to routinely reinflate.

Wide Variety

Away from the kickball diamond, this rubber ball can be used in an array of different tossing, caching, and kicking games. Two popular sizes give your class a choice for fun that conforms to their age, ability, and activity of choice. The larger 10” dia is great for beginners as it provides a greater chance of contact kicking or catching. The smaller 8.5” dia adds a challenge for older students and can also be used in place of other popular 8.5" dia activity balls.

Take your kickballs to the next level with your very own Custom Logo Kickballs! Show your school spirit on the playground and ensure a ball is never left behind with your large, colorful logo! A minimum order of 8 Rainbow sets of 6 is required. Call us today to get your order started. Please allow 10-12 weeks for full delivery.