Rainbow UltraFit Stability Balls

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Stability balls in bright Rainbow colors add fun and instant organization to your fitness room!

Rainbow colors make class organization simple, with packs and colors to support entire classes as you get the most out of exercises and ball activities. A European construction and extremely durable design support up to 220 lb! Build core, lower-body, and upper-body muscle strength using a range of stability ball exercises, while also increasing balance and coordination. Exercises allow users to focus on abs, back, hips, and more, with low-impact.

Unparalleled Strength and Safety

A European, rotomolded plastic shell eliminates weak points, allowing the stability ball to support up to 220 lb. A thicker material also promotes even air distribution within the ball, to prevent sagging or dimples that might disrupt exercise activities.

Ideal for Low-Impact Training

Stability balls require cooperation from multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making them great for total-body low-impact training. Whether you're looking to work your core, promote endurance, or improve balance and coordination, it's easy to seamlessly incorporate UltraFit Stability Balls to scale up your results.

Convenient Organization

Rainbow colors allow teachers to take advantage of color-coding to organize equipment, teams, or activities. Quickly set up colorful stations to promote class organization and participation. Large packs of 6 or 12 stability balls are designed to accommodate the whole class.

Balls are available in 2 sizes to accommodate users 5'0" to 6'2" tall. Choose the size(s) that best fits your class or program!

  • 55 cm (22” dia)
  • 65 cm (26” dia)

All sets and packs include measuring tape, plug, plug puller, and inflation instructions. For best results, inflate balls in stages according to included inflation instructions.

Set/Pack Options

  • Rainbow Sets. Include 6 balls.
  • Rainbow 12-Ball Packs. Include 12 balls, Magnus ABS Rack, and UltraFit Stability Ball Training Charts.