Rainbow Super-Density Fleece Balls

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Unit:  Set of 6

Our densest fleece balls for the most versatility!

A dense, acrylic yarn is firmer than other fleece balls so they still play like standard balls, but are much friendlier and less intimidating to encourage participation. They're an ideal soft ball for kids for tossing and catching activities, and a great substitute in other games.

Fun and Forgiving

Give your students a fun, safe option for tossing and catching without sacrificing the balls' playability. When tossed against the ground, these balls bounce a bit but will not roll away from students like foam or inflated activity balls.

Sturdy and Colorful

Each ball features an extremely high yarn density, which allows it to play more like a standard ball. Their 4" size is the most popular yarn ball size we offer, and makes it a great compact ball. Rainbow colors allow for easier organization for teams and drills.