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Rainbow Stay-N-Play Dome Cones

As low as $84.95

Versatile, rigid, and athletic half-cones stay put while students play!

These dome cones stay in place during games and activities thanks to the nonslip weighted rubber bases! Use them for obstacles, lane or boundary markers, targets, and more.

Choose between two types of cones to suit the needs of your class! Both come in a set of 36.

  • Soft Dome Cones collapse safely when stepped on, then snap back to their original shape after impact. Their flexibility comes from a durable yet pliable polyethylene construction. Non-slip rubber bottoms provide additional safety and keep cones in place during use.
  • Rigid Dome Cones won't collapse under weight, making them perfect for balance activities and target-based throwing games. Harder polyethylene material supports up to 175 pounds before deforming. Rigid cones also feature non-slip rubber bottoms.

Easy Organization

Cones are available in our popular Rainbow colors, which allow teachers to easily split students into color-coded groups for drills. Additionally, you'll easily account for every cone after class and avoid losing equipment. Cones measure 3-1/2”H x 7-3/4” dia.