Rainbow Spin Jammer Specialty Discs

No Longer Available

Center cone allows for brightly-colored finger spins, fun games, and more!

Teaching students trick plays and essential disc skills has never been easier or more fun. Spin Jammer discs help students become comfortable with a variety of freestyle techniques, while also encouraging fundamental handling skills.


  • Diameter: 8-3/4" or 9-3/4"
  • Weight: 94 g or 134 g
  • Ideal for all ages

Teach Tricks and Build Confidence

Discs features a unique center cone, giving students a quick way to learn tricks and incorporate them into freestyle games for added excitement. Students can place the center of the disc on their finger and spin it rapidly—much like a basketball—to practice balancing. Increase the challenge by passing the spinning disc to another player without dropping it, or popping it into the air and catching it again without stopping the spin.

Teaching tricks helps students build comfort and confidence with discs. As they become acclimated with the disc, students begin to naturally develop throwing and catching skills. Pack includes a DVD, which works to teach a wide variety of tricks to students.