Rainbow SoftScore Coated-Foam Balls

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Soft sport foam playground balls feature unmatched quality and durability.

These medium-density soccer balls and footballs have a softer, lower bounce for non-intimidating play yet feature our durable pick-proof coating for lasting play!

Ideal for Skill Development

The sting reduction and medium-density foam design of the SoftScore Balls allows younger students to catch, toss, and kick with success and without intimidation!

Combine the soft-touch construction with its low-bounce nature and younger students will love these to develop proper technique. And, with a lower bounce, these balls can be used in smaller spaces. The light weight and softness makes them great for introductions to football and soccer skills, such as throwing, catching, and dribbling. The molded football throwing laces and soccer ball panels in the cover simulates the look and feel of a traditional football and soccer ball in a friendly way.

Quality Design

The premium cover helps the ball maintain its shape and performance for many years, even with routine use and abuse. Our premium-coating protects the foam from damage as it's pick and crack proof, as well as moisture and fade resistant. This design makes it great for use in school settings. You can even use SoftScore balls outdoors as the moisture-resistant cover prevents the elements from absorbing into the foam.

Unmatched Versatility

SoftScore is available in a variety of colors and options so it's easy to match the ball to your activity and students. Choose Screamin' colors to create eye-popping excitement with balls that can't be lost. Rainbow Sets allow for organization of teams or drills by color in seconds.